Number 1

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Hov, no not really, it’s Shannon…. Yes, I often quote song lyrics, movie and television lines. But seriously, I’m Shannon, wifey and now mama to our little man, AJ.  Welcome to my first blog post.  We aren’t getting too deep here, just a little introduction to me and how this came about.

After our little guy joined our family in November 2015, I thought, why didn’t I know any of this stuff about labor and bringing baby home?  Why does everyone look so put together when they bring their baby home?  Why do they make parenting seem like it’s the easiest thing ever?  I was determined to let people know the truth, cause it’s not all peaches and peonies!  So, here we are just about 7 months later. I finally worked up the courage to get into this blogging deal.

After several signs through daily devotional messages and blogs from other bloggers saying, just do it, I’m here jumping in.  I hope you enjoy my posts and can relate now or later.  My posts will be about parenting, life and how mimosas fit into all of it!


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