We celebrated Father’s Day with family in Lake Tahoe for a whole week and as soon as we returned there was more family in town celebrating our little man’s Dedication.

This past Sunday we dedicated AJ to the Lord during our church service, in the park. It was pretty awesome.  Our family was there to celebrate this occasion. I’m reminded how lucky we are to have such great family.  I’m reminded how we can’t walk through life alone, through the good times and the bad times. I’m reminded we always need to be surrounded by those who care so deeply for us. I’m reminded we need to make the effort to be part of family and friends lives. We need each other. We were created to be surrounded by people.

I’m grateful for parents who enjoy our company so much they invite us on every vacation they take because they want to have memories with us. I’m grateful to have in-laws who spent an entire month in our area so they could give my hubby and I a chance to take our first overnight trip without the baby and a chance to have dinner, alone, on the town. It was the first time in 6 months we were able to do that. I’m grateful for the friends who travel to be part of such memories in our lives.

This life would not be as fun if we are not surrounded by the people we hold so close to our hearts.  We may not get to see each other as often as we would like.  There isn’t a day that passes that we wish we were much closer to everyone we love.  In the meantime, we just celebrate every chance we get.

Cheers to a life surrounded by amazing people…

Comment with some of your favorite memories with family and friends…


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