Delivery… I’m Not Talking Pizza

We are fresh off AJ turning 7 months old, so I thought it would be fun to share his birth story.

It was November 26, 2015, Thanksgiving. My parents were visiting from the Bay Area. My In-Laws were extending their stay in the Valley since I was due on November 30. We woke up that morning and I felt pregnant as ever and was convinced that this gender unknown baby was going to be late. No signs of labor at all. I had the baby’s room ready, the house was cleaned and my parents brought enough food to feed a small village.

My parents joined the hubby and I on our daily “preggo walk.” We did our usual loop that includes walking up hill because I was done being preggo so of course I thought walking up hills would get this baby out. We did the normal things around the house, and by normal, I mean lay on the couch because that’s all I had energy for at that point. We discussed our Thanksgiving meal plan, you know the important stuff.

Even with the feast of food my parents brought, we decided to do lunch at a local restaurant since they were having a Thanksgiving-type meal option. By doing this we would save the food my parents brought for the next day or if we got hungry later that evening.

After we returned from our lunch, I thought it would be funny to do a little dance for everyone.  We are still convinced that little dance around the kitchen put this whole thing in motion.  After that, I devoured a blackberry pie, well just a piece, not the whole pie.

We were sitting at the kitchen table, and I excused myself thinking the baby sat on my bladder, again. What ever, don’t judge me, it happens. Cleaned myself up and sat back at the table and it happened again. I quietly told my hubby I thought it was maybe possible my water broke. I called the advise nurse and she told me to wait an hour because it was possible the baby was on my bladder (see it does happen, a nurse told me so). So, after the non-stop leakage, it was go time. We informed my parents and my in-laws this was not a drill and we were off to the hospital.

On the drive to the hospital, the contractions started. They got stronger the closer we got to the hospital. It’s like when you get close to your house when you have to tinkle. We arrived, were admitted and by the time they were done checking me out and had taken us to our room, I had gone from 4cm to 6cm.

The nurses were convinced I was going to have a Thanksgiving baby. In fact, they were so confident, they were taking bets. I was like, awesome, let’s do it. Got my drugs just in time, and we were off to pushing. Now, remember that berry pie I had earlier, well that made an appearance three times during labor. The nurses said they had never seen anyone vomit so bad while pushing.

In my mind I was going to be done in 1.5 hours because I was progressing so nicely, according to the nurses. Little did I know, that this mover and shaker would not co-operate. He kept turning face up, which means he kept getting stuck in my pelvis and wouldn’t be able to come out. They had me push for 3.5 hours all while telling me they could see his head. After 3.5 hours, we needed a vacuum assist and in minutes, AJ was here. On November 27 at just passed 3:30am we became parents.

I was exhausted at that point and just remember them asking my hubby to tell us if baby was a boy or girl. They kept his legs together and opened them so my hubby could proudly announce we had a boy. There were no tears or joyful sounds, just silence. I think I was too tired to feel any type of emotion.

After our golden hour with him, we were wheeled up to our new room. When you are wheeled to your room, all of Labor and Delivery has an instrumental nursery rhyme played throughout the building. That is when the tears fell and I realized we had a baby boy we were bringing home. (More on why I was so emotional coming soon).

Now, I realize my story may be easy peezy to some people, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Told ya I was going to be real…


One thought on “Delivery… I’m Not Talking Pizza

  1. I remember having a similar experience with my water breaking. It was nothing like the movies! It only happened a little bit each time I would stand up and I wasn’t having any contractions. Eventually I decided to take a shower because if it was my water I didn’t want to go to the hospital stinky and I preferred showering at home.
    Sorry to hear the little guy didn’t want to be the right position to come out on his own. With it being Thanksgiving was the hospital pretty quiet? When we went in on Christmas morning with Cheyenne it was only me and one other person on the delivery floor.


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