J-Tee’d Off

It’s taken me a while to digest the events that did, or did not take place during the Celebrity Golf Tournament in So. Lake Tahoe a couple weeks ago.  I am a H-U-G-E Justin Timberlake (JT) fan, just ask anyone who knows me.  I’ve been obsessed with this guy since 1998, when he made his debut with *NSYNC on the Mickey Mouse channel.  That baby blue outfit and that curly blonde hair.  I remember it like it was yesterday. Since that day, I have been determined to meet him.

Since then, I’ve traveled to different states to watch him as a member of *NSYNC and then him as a solo artist.  Luckily my long time bestie is equally obsessed, probably more, as I am. Most recently, JT has been the main reason I have attended the ACC Celebrity Golf Tournament the past two years. I have no interest in golf itself, but I would gladly walk the 18 holes to try and catch an up-close glimpse of my main man himself. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on seats for concerts.  Next time I may have to mortgage my house for a ticket. Every year I get closer.  And, this is the year it was a shoe in, or at least I thought it was.

I was in Tahoe for Father’s Day and that’s when my hubby confirmed JT would be playing during the Celebrity Golf Tournament this year.  That’s when I knew I had to be there.  From my experience last year, I knew I had to go during the week when the celeb’s were more likely to interact with the fans.  Last year, I went with my bestie on Saturday, and while we got some pretty good photos of our main man, we still wanted our selfie!  My bestie and I do just about everything JT related together.  There have been very few events where we’ve been separated. Of course, once it was confirmed he was going to be playing this year, I was in full plan mode.  Unfortunately, it was going to be a solo (solo meaning AJ and I) mission since an offsite work event was going to keep my bestie from this awesome opportunity.

I purchased my one-day ticket on July 19 because I still wanted to see him on television at the tournament.  I happily walked AJ to the nearest grocery store and purchased my ticket to the event for Thursday, July 21.  I was so excited.  I told AJ what was going on and that I needed him to be on his best behavior.  I just knew this was the year for my photo op.  I had a cute baby rolling as my side kick.  He is the perfect age for “pimping out” for lack of a better word. Who can say no to photos with babies?  If you can, you’re heartless and we can’t be friends. I ran out on Wednesday night to purchase additional art supplies because if the baby didn’t work, then I had to have signs that brought attention to us. So, while the hubs was busy studying and the babe was in bed, it was time to do work.  I made a few signs that said, “Can Silas Come Out to Play?” and “Can my Mommy Have a Photo so I can go Home to Take a Nap?”  I let the paint dry and got ready for bed.  (Notice I didn’t say to sleep, because that wasn’t an option).

I was like a kid the night before Christmas.  I was so excited!  I could not sleep.  I tossed and I turned.  I literally envisioned conversations with the guy. Nick (the hubs) loves a game of “what if?” and gave me all of these ideas on what could happen or what would I say. (I appreciate that he didn’t run from the craziness that is my mission to meet JT when we first started dating). Eventually I fell asleep and woke to my baby alarm.  Nick was kind enough to feed him in the morning while I got ready for our big day.  That’s what I called it, “Our Big Day.” AJ was dressed in his suit and tie jumper especially purchased for his first meet and greet with the infamous JT.  He couldn’t go any other way! I had to look decent, but not like I was trying too hard. I thought the more AJ stood out, the better our chances for our big photo.  We packed up the car and headed up the hill to So. Lake Tahoe for what was going to be a dream come true.

Once we arrived at the tournament, located at Edgewood Golf Course, I promptly began reading the pairing’s booklet for that days game. I was pushing the stroller and trying to read, so when I didn’t see his face as a team lead, I thought I should stop multi-tasking and get to a comfy spot for the baby and carefully go through the list. After we stopped moving, I opened the booklet again.  Hmmmm, still no photo of JT.  Ok, it’s possible he’s not a leader, so maybe one of these names in fine print is his. After scouring the two pages roughly three to four times I did not see the name Justin Timberlake. Immediately I had this pit in my stomach. It was then I remembered my cell phone was going off with text messages. The first message I read said, “I hope this isn’t true, but JT is on his way to San Diego for Comic Con.” My heart may have skipped a beat. This wasn’t happening.  I remembered hearing Comic Con was going on, but didn’t think anything of it. The next confirmation was a tagged post to my Facebook page letting me know JT was in fact on a plane, taking a selfie stating he was on his way to Comic Con promoting the movie, Trolls which he has his current song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” for and he’s a voice of one of the characters.

I couldn’t believe it.  There was no way this was happening. This had to be a joke, so I re-read the pairing booklet again just to confirm what I wasn’t seeing. I sat with AJ and fed him while I collected my thoughts and tried to figure out what to do.  I wasn’t there for anyone besides JT. I overheard the woman next to me telling someone “he will be back tomorrow.” I quickly asked who she was speaking about and she said Justin.  She too was there to see him as well.  At that point I knew my goal was not going to be met. What was I going to do now that I was there? If it was a year earlier, I had my in-laws home to stay the night at and I would have been back the next day. However, they sold their home late last year so that wasn’t an option. I had a 7 month old, and driving back the next day wasn’t an option either. So, I made the brave decision to enjoy our time there and snap a few photos of my baby in his daddy’s home town. Once it was nap time, we headed to the car for our drive home. No photo. No JT sighting. Nothing. We went home empty handed.

So, Justin Timberlake, if you stumble across this, I’m one sad, bitter mama still. I just wanted one photo and I was going to go home or just stroll the course with the babe. My sweet, sweet hubby took me to lunch and made sure I had a chocolate chip cookie to make me feel better. I was literally in shock at the luck I had.  It was the one and only day he wasn’t there. If I look at it positively, maybe something even better lay ahead with meeting this guy! Until then, we still rock out to any and all *NSYNC and JT jams.

Cheers to cray cray fans all over…

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