What a Cart Block…

Oh, I’m sorry, are the people trying to navigate the store getting in the way of your chatting in the middle of the aisle? All I want to do is get my shopping done, but almost every trip to a Target or grocery store involves an awkward dance with other patrons down the aisle. Often, I use my stroller as my shopping cart because the babe is still a little too tiny for the germ infested shopping cart. As I’m trying to navigate my way through the store, I find myself doing a dance of sorts with the other productive members of society when we approach Chatty and Cathy who have decided they would like to discuss their lives right smack in the middle of the aisle, thus prompting me to give some snide remark like, “It’s your world, we just live in it” or “I’m sorry, are we in your way?”  What ever the case may be it gets me furious every. Single. Time.

Before I continue, I have to note, when I say they I pretty much mean women. Don’t get your panties in a bunch ladies. You know it’s true. I don’t wander down too many “men’s” aisles, whether it be the car section, men’s toiletries, or home improvement, so I can’t say it doesn’t happen with the fellas. From my previous experiences it’s been women who seem to create the chaos and then get their panties back in a bunch when I give my snide remark. I suppose I could be more polite, but polite is not at the forefront at that point. So let’s get to what bothers me about the whole situation.

I’m all for running into people you know and having a nice catch up convo, but when it happens to me (on a rare occasion because I don’t know that many people where I live), I take my belongings and move out of the way as much as possible. Heck, even if just me at the store and I need to wonder down an aisle I park my actual cart out of the way. I wonder what people think when they just decide to stop in the middle. Maybe they are thinking, I was here first so ya’ll can just move. Or, are they thinking at all? Do they not realize they are just smack dab in the middle of the aisle on a Saturday afternoon? Is stopping directly in the middle of the aisle their way of asserting power? I wonder if they are the one’s raising children who are inconsiderate as well. Where is the common courtesy these days?

Some how, some where courtesy on all parts have started to diminish. It’s sad, really sad. When I let my emotions get the best of me and say something, I’m the bad guy though. Not the person who was not courteous in the first place. I’m the one who should have respect (because most of the time it’s the older women) since I’m younger. Honey, you lost any form of my respect when you saw me coming toward you with my stroller cart and you looked away and continued your conversation. Had you said, I’m sorry and moved your conversation elsewhere (to perhaps a telephone, a party, The Facebook, anywhere besides the middle of the aisle), I wouldn’t have had to say anything in the first place. At that point I start to question if you have children. Then I go into thinking you have raised Neanderthal’s because you have shown that you are one. My brain just goes into over drive with all of the assumptions I then start making of you. Next, my hubby has to listen to me complain the entire time we are in the store about how they (women) have no common courtesy or sense. I realize this is petty and I should put on my Jesus cap, but at that moment in time, I’m about to lose it, like really lose it. Now, it’s been almost a week and I still can’t get it off my brain!

This is my plea (mostly for) ladies, pull over to have your convo’s. Or, at least apologize when you see us coming straight at you or waiting for you to move so we can continue. Because going forward, I’m just going to stand there and stare at you until you do move. Put those manners that your parents taught you; the same ones you should be teaching your child(ren). It’s so rude when you just continue like you own the joint. Newsflash, you don’t. Remember there are other people running around trying to get their errands done, not having their PTA meetings in the middle of the store. It’s not your world, it’s our world and we all need to live in it together and play nice. “Queen” B ruined it with “Who Runs The World, Girls!” Now ya’ll think you can do what ever you want, regardless of who it’s affecting. Then, someone like me has to go and post a blog about it so it stops eating up their insides…

Cheers… Mimosa Me

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