Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Hi Guys and Gals, remember me? MilkandMimosas. I know, I’ve been MIA for like six months. I got lost in the shuffle of everyday life, but it’s my mission to keep it going and touch base with ya’ll.

So, what’s been going on since I’ve last posted you ask? Soooo much! Let me catch ya’ll up real quick…

November ended with my little man turning a whopping ONE years old. We spent Thanksgiving and his birthday in AZ with our parents. We had a Cowboys and Indian’s themed birthday party to celebrate. We all wore bandanas and cowboy gear. Turns out he is like his momma and doesn’t care for cake. We gave him ice cream for the first time the day after he turned one and that’s where he’s also like his momma. He loves himself some ice cream and cookies.

We spent the Holidays with both sides of our family, traveling all over Nor Cal to get all our time in with everyone. We saw our parents, grandparents and for AJ his great-grandparents. It makes the driving around worth it for him to spend so much time with everyone. He didn’t quite grasp the present concept last year, so hopefully since he will be just over two, he’ll be so excited to open presents this Christmas. AJ had his first Santa photo experience, and while we got a laugh out of it, he hated seeing the man in the white beard. The hubby and I rang in the New Year with the baby asleep, watching a marathon of Fuller House with Auntie A and Moscow Mules. Yum! If you don’t like Moscow Mules, we probably aren’t friends. Just kidding, a little.

In January, my hubby set off to the Wharton School in Pennsylvania to take the exam for his CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst). Fancy, right? He’s kind of a big deal. He studied for what seemed like two years to get to this point and he did it. What a relief. That was a long trip, but so worth it in the end. As soon as he found out he passed, which also seemed like eternity, we booked a mommy and daddy only trip to Hawaii for April. February and March were uneventful.

The hub’s and I headed to Oahu in April and stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It was my first time away from the little guy for more than 36 hours. I cried on the drive to the airport; big alligator tears. We didn’t realize it was going to be spring break for the littles around the U.S, so it made us miss the little guy that much more because we thought about him every time we saw other kids his age, which was all day long. We kept thinking we were deadbeat parents for not bringing him because other people did it. However, we quickly realized we were on full relaxation mode, while they were not. We enjoyed a snorkel day with the Honu’s (turtles), a hike up to Diamond Head in the early morning and a little tour of the North Shore complete with my favorite activity, SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding). Aside from that, we spent our days at the beach or pool. We ate a ton, had yummie drinks and caught up on some sleep. The weather didn’t cooperate too much while we were there, but I hate to complain about being by the pool in Hawaii.  Next time we venture to the Hawaiian Islands, it’s going to be Maui or Kauai. I always feel like a brat when I say I don’t care for Oahu much. Maybe next time, we’ll even bring the little one, if he can sit still on a plane.

We celebrated Mother’s Day in the Palm Springs area with some amazing friends and all of our babes. Nick and I celebrated three years of marriage. It seems like yesterday we were in Cancun living it up with our family and friends saying I DO. We are planning a trip to Cancun next year and I cannot wait! My little man turned 18 months old (1.5 years old), like WOAH! Where has the time gone? He’s becoming his own little person and it’s been fun having a front row seat watching his development. He’s so chatty and loves to mimic us. We’ve learned to watch ourselves around him because he picks up everything we do. Sometimes we have potty mouths around here, so we’ve had to rein that in. I can’t wait to see all the progress he’s going to make before he turns two!

Here we are and it’s June! We spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe, which is always a nice get-away. We’ve got family coming into town next week as well and our weekends are literally booked solid for the next two months. Like, seriously can I hit the pause button, because in the blink of an eye it’s going to be Christmas before we know it!

Aside from that, we’ve got a few more exciting things planned that I’ll be sharing soon!

It’s been a crazy six months to say the least.

Check out my Instagram feed for photos of the last six months. See you next time.


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