West > East…

So, you guys in the past six months, like I said, there has been a lot going on. A few major life changes coming our direction, in fact the complete opposite direction. The Horton’s are taking it from the West to East (technically it’s the Midwest, but we are in the Eastern time zone, so I’m calling it East). Yep, that’s right, we are moving. My hubby has accepted a position with his company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Que the gasps! I know, the winter is going to be rough for this Cali girl, but it’s what you do to support your hubby in his career. This opportunity gives him more time with us. He will now be home every night and will no longer have to travel monthly. We are looking at this as an adventure for our little family.

We will miss our family and friends for sure and it will be an adjustment to be so far away, but to have this hubby of mine home every day is going to be a game changer for me and the little man. We are looking forward to making new friends and memories outside of the only place we’ve ever known. And, hey, I get a whole new winter wardrobe, so double cheers to that. More to come on our adventures in Michigan! Until we head out, we are busy getting our move in order, getting together with family and friends as much as we can. Soaking it all in until we jet off at the end of July.

If you’ve stumbled across this post and you’re from the Ann Arbor area, give me some tips!!


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