Organizational Do-Dads…

I love, I mean love, love, love organization. If it’s not organized, I cannot function. Like, I literally cannot move forward until I feel organized; it’s paralyzing. I’ve been at work before and completely stopped doing what I was doing because I needed to clean up and organize my desk space. Once clean and pretty, I can focus and move on. I have a monthly white board, a weekly white board, lots of note pads and planners. Ask my hubby how many note pads we go through. I love lists as well; like you get a list, you get a list, you get a list and you get a list! Exciting right? I love when I complete a task and I can cross it off my list. With our upcoming move, I have to share some of my favorite organizational do-dads that are keeping me up-to-date.

  1. Day Designer Planner : I’m an 80’s baby at heart. I haven’t fell into the use of my phone for lists and calendars. I love seeing things on paper. I purchased this right when I found out we were moving. This planner is amazing! It has the month page and then it breaks it down day by day, with a schedule from 6am through 8pm. How amazing is that? You can write out your whole day by the hour. You also have the space to write out a weekly gratitude, to do next week, don’t forget, today’s top 3, tonight, and a notes section. It’s a hefty planner, but I love how you can break out your day by the hour, along with all of the other features. With everything we have going on between, listing our house, movers, appointments and events, this little gem is going to come in handy through 2017 for sure.
  2. White Board : Not only do I have a monthly white board, I have a weekly white board. The monthly one I use for our house hold appointments, events and reminders. The weekly one, which used to be at my desk at work, is now used to plan our weekly dinner menus. What a life saver this has been, especially with all that is going on. I don’t have the mental capacity to think of what we are going to dine on every single day for dinner. I need to plan that on Sunday, so I can shop on Monday for our meals. This allows us to know a) who’s cooking and b) what we are having every day so we don’t have to think about it for the whole week. The hub’s is great at making the healthier meals, I’m pretty good at the fatty, not so healthy foods. I try to do as much cooking as I can so that we can eat at a decent hour, which is also the reason for the white board. We used to eat after the babe went to bed, but we’ve really tried to start eating as a family so AJ will eat what we eat. It’s been so helpful with organization, but also in getting us to make sure we aren’t having cereal for dinner every day and we have stopped eating out as much, so that’s a plus too.
  3. Label Maker : I saved the best for last. This is seriously my most favorite thing, ever! I’m big on storage bins and some times I can’t find the clear ones, so my label maker has made my life so much easier since I can now indicate what is inside the bin. Heck, even with the clear bins I’ve started labeling them just so I know exactly what is inside if I’m not able to peer in once they are all stacked up.

So there you have my top three organizational essentials. Cheers to functional, cute do-dads. What are your favorite organization items? I could always use more ideas!

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