He Not She…

“Will I ever not be sad that I don’t have a girl?” were the words I said to my hubby after bringing Emmett home. I felt bad for saying it and thinking it, but it’s how I felt. To be honest when Nick announced we had another boy after I delivered, I wasn’t even excited. In my head I thought, “seriously, again?” We’re three for three on the boys. Why didn’t I get the girl?

Before we knew Emmett was a he, I would walk through the girl section at stores and get so excited about the idea that we might have a girl and all the cute things I could buy her, the spa days we would have, the dress shopping for proms and a wedding, the list goes on, yet ends at the same time. That is the problem with not finding out the gender! If you think you’ll be disappointed, ya better find out because it will give you many months to adapt and adjust.

I have to say, there was a time, long ago, that I said I didn’t want a girl because she would take all the attention from me and I wasn’t sure I wanted a mini version of me running around. As I grew up and started a family, I thought a girl was the perfect ending to The Horton Four. Clearly God didn’t think so. After all, who was going to match me on holidays and in family photos? My girl was.

As we approach Emmett’s fourth month on this planet, I am less and less saddened by having two boys. Some day, a long time from now, I’ll get that girl when the boys find a wife. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get little baby girls to spoil if they are blessed with them, but if not that’s okay.

Maybe part of me is scared that I don’t know how to be a mom to boys. Heck, most days I’m scared that I don’t know how to be a mom at all and wonder why I was given this opportunity. I played with Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbies, danced and was a cheerleader. I know that stuff, I don’t know trucks and tools and dirt (gross). However, my monster truck jumping skills are now on point. And, when AJ sets me down to play with his tools, he thinks I’m the best at them. I don’t know all of their names, but that doesn’t matter to him. He just knows “mama likes to play toys.”

In reality, that’s all that matters. All that matters is that they know I will sit down and play anything they want with them and I’ll have fun doing so because I genuinely am having fun. As a parent we get the chance to be a kid all over again! This actually just dawned on me. It isn’t always pretty, but it sure is fun. I don’t remember what being a kid was like, but I’ll get some of that back through my boys. “My boys” does have a nice ring to it. I hope they want to hang around me when they’re older, go to dinner with me and call me just to talk.

I was worried that having two boys would be difficult to navigate in the love department. I thought how could I love them both the same? It turns out you can; it’s not hard. In fact it comes naturally.

While I don’t have dresses to help shop for, there will be suits and tuxes that need to be picked out and I’m pretty good at that, so I have that to look forward to. I’ll get to dress them like me, too. Because mama loves her some flannels and kicks, the boys can hop in on that action whether they like it or not. And, since I was a cheerleader, I’ll be there to cheer them on at their events and in life. I danced, so I can dance with them at their weddings and anywhere else they’ll let me.

To answer your question… Nope, we are done at two children.

Cheers to the boy moms out there!

Happy New Year… 24 days later

I had a chance to sit down and get some writing done…
I’m currently on a plane to Cali to attend a surprise graduation/ birthday party for one of my besties ( surprise G!), hoping I don’t end up with some other sort of illness to bring home. I get to see my family, my Obasan (Japanese for Grandma), and my aunt and Uncle since they’re in town too. And, again, my besties. We never saw each other this much when I lived in Cali, so maybe this move was legit after all? Since I’ve been MIA for a while, I thought I’d take this quiet, alone time to catch you up and maybe get some sleep. So here we go…
I was 8 months pregnant in August when we arrived in Michigan with baby two, another surprise gender baby, on the way.
Our very first visitor was my aunt who was out here on a work trip. It was so great to see a familiar face so close to our move date.
Next, I tried my best to get the house in order, keep AJ entertained, and not stress about being so far away from family and friends with a new baby coming.
Late September my in-laws arrived for their planned two week stay to give us some help when baby arrived. A week later my parents arrived for what was supposed to be a quick weekend visit for baby’s arrival.
My due date, September 29, came and went. No baby! We all had in our minds that this one would be early since AJ was, but nope. Five days later, on October 5, and after our parents kept extending their stay, our surprise gender baby was born. Another boy, Emmett Christopher made his debut, quite quickly after being admitted to the hospital. Two hours after being admitted and 10 minutes of pushing (which felt like an eternity because I waited too long to get drugs, so natural is how it all went down). And, to be honest, the contractions were worse than the actual pushing part. Maybe it’s because those lasted so long, I’m not sure. Either way, Emmett arrived at 4:15am, EST, surprising us all that HE wasn’t a SHE! For some reason we all just assumed a girl would be next, nope. I think in my mind everyone got one of each. After thinking about it, I know more couples with same gender kids than not.
After our discharge from the hospital, we brought Emmett home to meet his big brother, AJ. Not going to lie, that made me sob like a toddler who didn’t get to watch monster jam at his discretion (I may or may not be referencing my own child). I was so fearful that AJ would feel like we were kicking him to the curb and that he would be devastated we could no longer give him all the attention, all the time. I felt guilty for bringing this new baby home. I wanted to do anything I could to let AJ know we’d never let him feel any different. The thing that really put the wrench in my heart was getting home and AJ kept saying “baby Emmett.” Our parents were teaching him to say it while we were in the hospital. It was the cutest thing ever. Again, sobbed like a little baby. And, you know what, AJ has adapted so well; to the move, to Emmett, maybe not so much the snow, yet, but there will be enough around for a while to get him used to it.
My parents left the next day, since their 4 day trip turned into 9 days and had plans to return at the end of October to visit and help us, instead of going to their planned Hawaiian trip. I mean who wouldn’t want to trade Hawaii for Michigan? My in-laws stayed for about a month total. Can I just say that I’m so grateful to have in-laws I enjoy having around for a month! I mean, they practically took care of AJ the whole time, cooked and cleaned, let us get as much rest as we could before and after Emmett arrived. We sure do enjoy the time we get with our parents. Now that they’re so far from us, it’s extra special when they are around.
Nick went back to work right after his parents were gone, so it was just me juggling the two boys, alone, for the first time in a month, all. day. long. Goodness that took some getting used to. Like, who do I feed when they’re both hungry? Who do I comfort when they’re both crying? Whose diaper do I change first? I started wondering why I thought one baby was so hard. I immediately felt like a total idiot complaining about how hard one kid was. I was like that was a piece of cake, this two kid business is out of hand!
After that week, my parents arrived and took care of us in the same fashion my in-laws did – cooking, cleaning, caring for AJ. By this time we were starting to get into some kind of routine and adjusting to life as a family of four. My parents left a week later and we only had one last group of visitors on the calendar, my besties!
The following weekend, Nick went to a bachelor party in New Orleans (I totally gave him the okay to go and have fun with his boys; he deserved it). Emmett was one month old at this point. This was the perfect weekend to have my ladies come visit. So, the same night Nick was heading out, the girls arrived at the house. Does anyone else have friends they haven’t seen in a while, but it feels like you just pick up where you left off on your last visit? If so, isn’t it the best? I’ve had the same group of friends since high school, which was, dare I say, 19 years ago! There’s always a ton of laughter and they’re always down to help out in anyway they can. They too helped with AJ, got up in the middle of the night to ask if I needed help, went to Target with me and helped me deal with an over tired toddler who was having a meltdown. It was their time to go and that is when the homesick sank in.
It was then that I realized I live across the country from all of my family and friends. I can’t drive two hours to every event anymore. I can’t meet up for brunch or dinner with them. I can’t pack up the car and stay with with my parents for a week. Nope, this was my new life. Suck it up buttercup, you can do this, is what I kept telling myself. I feel like if anyone can handle this move, it’s me.
A few weeks later it was AJ’s 2nd Birthday, however we didn’t celebrate much. He woke up with some stomach bug that left him needing a bath as soon as he woke up on his birthday. (I’ll spare you the grimy details). I felt terrible for him. That weekend we were going to celebrate with his favorite dinner and brownies, but then he got sick, again. So, a week after his birthday he finally opened presents which we thought would make him feel better and it did, as much as it could.
Next up, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was our little family of four for both holidays. We missed our families, but got a FaceTime session in with everyone. We took a quick weekend trip to Frankenmuth to explore the largest Christmas Store in the World, Bronners and walk around checking out the sites in the cute Bavarian town. I had my first ever White Christmas! I was so excited. I love the look of the snow. It really makes everything so beautiful. Everything looks so clean and fresh. It was the first year AJ really started to understand the whole Christmas concept. He became quite fond of the “PPS” (UPS) man that kept coming with boxes of goodies, almost all addressed to him. We put up the tree and in the mornings when we would turn on the lights he would say “hi chritmas.” He enjoyed seeing Santa from a distance at the mall. We didn’t torture him with Santa photos this year. Maybe next time, mainly because I want to see him freak out, but I also don’t enjoy all the germs that comes along with a visit to Santa. Still he says “thank you Santa” when he plays with his gifts from Santa. In fact he does that with most gifts. He will say thank you “persons name” while he’s playing with the gift they got him. It’s so cute. And, it makes us proud as parents that he’s polite.
A few days after Christmas my besties and I met up in Viva Las Vegas for two days to see Britney Spears; we may have added a Magic Mike show in there last minute too. It was like high school all over again and I loved every minute of singing along to her songs. Even though we may have done more live singing than she did, it was still a good time.
I arrived back home only to be taken out by the flu; the one the flu shot doesn’t cover apparently, that would be Influenza A, in case you’re wondering. So what turned into a quick trip and back to hop back into mommy mode, refreshed after reuniting with my girls, turned into me being laid up in bed for an extra 5 days not being to get up and do anything. The next thing I knew, it was 2018! Am I the only one who thinks the way you are spending the last night of the year at midnight is how you’re upcoming year is going to be? Cause now I’m like “great, I’ll be sick in bed all year.” Unfortunately that’s been the case so far.
I do my best to get AJ and I out to socialize and play, but it seems to keep coming at the expense of our immune systems. If one more person tells me “it’s good for them to be sick now so they aren’t as sick later,” I’m going to lose my shit. I get it, but I’m over it. Did you hear me viruses, OVER IT! Cause the day after taking him to a new indoor play structure he caught yet another virus. Then passed it on to Emmett and lastly mama, aka, me. I’d say in the last three months we have been healthy about two weeks, total. Luckily I avoided giving anyone the flu at home; thanks Vegas, ya did me dirty, and not in the good way.
That brings us up to speed. We met with a realtor today to start prepping for our home search. The biggest “problem” we are facing in our search is that there are too many good areas with too many good schools to choose from! If that’s the worse of our problems we are doing really well for ourselves. We are looking forward to becoming owners again, ’cause this renting thing ain’t the business for us. And, I want to set down roots and finally decorate a house and have the boys in their actual own rooms. AJ has now started to say “not ours.” Yes, because if you break the blinds or write on the wall, we get in trouble kid. I’m just ready for something to be ours. So in the event he does break something or write on the wall, we can fix it at our discretion and much quicker than dealing with the chain of command to get things done.
All in all, we are doing well and can’t complain about this journey in our life. We do miss our family and friends terribly, but you’re all just a plane ride away, albeit a car ride was much easier to get to each other.
Stay up-to-date on my IG account, milknmimosas, for what’s to come (Arizona/Palm Springs, Monster Jam, Cancun, and house hunting to name a few).
Anyway, that’s what The Horton Four have been up to recently. We hope everyone has a fantastic, healthy 2018!

We Made It…

Here we are, just over three weeks in to our new life in Michigan. Boy howdy is time just flying by. I cannot believe it’s been this long. While we’ve only been in the house for two weeks, we spent about a week hotel living. It’s been quite the adventure so far. Let’s start from the beginning.

July 27th our house closed. Our home was no longer ours, our belongings were on a truck to Michigan, our cars were loaded on another truck on their way to Michigan and we were in a rental car in our driveway, house keys locked inside. No turning back now. We were heading down to SF, with a suitcase for each of us, for a few days before our flight out, for good. We stopped by Nick’s grandparents house to say our good-byes and have a nice home-cooked meal before we ventured the rest of the way to SF to stay with my family for a few days. Over the next few days, we were able to get together with friends at the park, who were also in town, see some family friends, ventured to Union Square and have the best dinner cooked by Obaasan. It was great seeing everyone before we ventured off.

July 30th we headed to SFO to hop on our plane. We’ve flown with AJ before, however not for more than 1.5 hours. The 4.5 hour flight was quite the doozy. We decided traveling all together would be better for us than to travel separate; meaning, Nick would go first then AJ and I would follow. Not sure what would have been the best plan. AJ stayed awake and as active as ever on our flight, until the last hour when he finally fell asleep. He was not super destructive, just overly active. Note to self, always try a red-eye flight with a toddler; but, what if he wouldn’t sleep on that either! EEEK! Once we landed and got all of our luggage situated, it was off to the hotel. We spent a week in a regular hotel room. It happened to be the same week as the Jr. Olympics here and there were literally no hotels available, so we were not only staying in a hotel style room, we were about thirty minutes from our rental house. We made the best of it and enjoyed running the halls of the hotel and playing in the parking lot. Luckily, for AJ, there was a giant excavator across the street that he insisted on visiting every day. By the end of the week, we were all adjusting to the three-hour time difference and ready for our belongings. And, I was ready to stop eating every single meal from a restaurant! I couldn’t wait to have a meal we actually made.

August 3rd, we have our belongings back and our cars! Once our things arrived, it was time to unpack. I insisted we only take out the necessities because by summer next year, we will have purchased something and will need to move again, and it will be on us to get that done ourselves this time. Can I just say how nice it was to have packers and movers!! Thanks to the hubbies company for hooking that up! It took about a week to go through all of the boxes and figure out what we need and don’t need for the time being. By the end of that, we started to feel settled. Now, during that time, it seemed this rental was falling apart at the seams, or should I say beams!

Every day we were finding something didn’t work in this rental house. We discovered there were bats living in the attic, the back patio was a tripping hazard for us and especially AJ, the dryer was old and the previous tennants didn’t take care of it so that fell apart, ruined some brand new sheets we bought, then eventually just stopped working all together. We weren’t able to do laundry for three weeks. Things were not looking good around here and I wasn’t sure how we were supposed to last until the end of June with everything going so wrong. All I could think was this wasn’t a house, it was a trash bag that I wanted to throw out. Luckily for us, the owners were apologetic and have since been doing their best to get everything in working order. Turns out the previous tennants just didn’t take care of anything, nor did they ever mention that anything was going wrong. While the owners are doing their part, I still cannot wait to own again.

In between getting things fixed around here, I’ve been trying to get AJ out and socialized in our new town (literally we live in what is called a Township). We have ventured to the Childrens Hands on Museum, the park, a new church, where we finally leave him in the kids room (for about 30 minutes before they call us to come get him), a library and as of today we went to meet up with a mom group at a coffeeshop. Tomorrow we will meet the same group for a stroller work out. I’m looking forward to growing in a community here and meeting new people, otherwise it’s going to be really lonely out East.

AJ has not missed a beat. He loves running around this new house and his room is so much bigger, so its been fun to have some play time in there with him before naps and bed time. Kids really are resillient. While it is a little sad that he won’t remember the first place he lived, seeing how well he has adjusted has made things a little easier on us. It helped that he did have some new trucks waiting for him at the door when we brought him here for the first time.

All in all, I’d say we are all adjusting well and are keeping positive on this new adventure. We are looking forward to our first visitors, next month, and then on to the holidays where I’ll get my first White Christmas, ever! I’m pretty excited about that, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for months and months of white. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it more than I expect. I’m trying to keep my expectations low, so that way I’m not uber disappointed by anything. I am really looking forward to a UofM home game at some point, mostly because I want to see Harbaugh coaching again. There really is so much to do and we are looking forward to seeing it all, in time.

I’m going to do my best to keep up to date on this blog deal because it’s the best way for me to reach our family and friends back home and let them know we are alive and doing well.

Cheers to new adventures friends!

Organizational Do-Dads…

I love, I mean love, love, love organization. If it’s not organized, I cannot function. Like, I literally cannot move forward until I feel organized; it’s paralyzing. I’ve been at work before and completely stopped doing what I was doing because I needed to clean up and organize my desk space. Once clean and pretty, I can focus and move on. I have a monthly white board, a weekly white board, lots of note pads and planners. Ask my hubby how many note pads we go through. I love lists as well; like you get a list, you get a list, you get a list and you get a list! Exciting right? I love when I complete a task and I can cross it off my list. With our upcoming move, I have to share some of my favorite organizational do-dads that are keeping me up-to-date.

  1. Day Designer Planner : I’m an 80’s baby at heart. I haven’t fell into the use of my phone for lists and calendars. I love seeing things on paper. I purchased this right when I found out we were moving. This planner is amazing! It has the month page and then it breaks it down day by day, with a schedule from 6am through 8pm. How amazing is that? You can write out your whole day by the hour. You also have the space to write out a weekly gratitude, to do next week, don’t forget, today’s top 3, tonight, and a notes section. It’s a hefty planner, but I love how you can break out your day by the hour, along with all of the other features. With everything we have going on between, listing our house, movers, appointments and events, this little gem is going to come in handy through 2017 for sure.
  2. White Board : Not only do I have a monthly white board, I have a weekly white board. The monthly one I use for our house hold appointments, events and reminders. The weekly one, which used to be at my desk at work, is now used to plan our weekly dinner menus. What a life saver this has been, especially with all that is going on. I don’t have the mental capacity to think of what we are going to dine on every single day for dinner. I need to plan that on Sunday, so I can shop on Monday for our meals. This allows us to know a) who’s cooking and b) what we are having every day so we don’t have to think about it for the whole week. The hub’s is great at making the healthier meals, I’m pretty good at the fatty, not so healthy foods. I try to do as much cooking as I can so that we can eat at a decent hour, which is also the reason for the white board. We used to eat after the babe went to bed, but we’ve really tried to start eating as a family so AJ will eat what we eat. It’s been so helpful with organization, but also in getting us to make sure we aren’t having cereal for dinner every day and we have stopped eating out as much, so that’s a plus too.
  3. Label Maker : I saved the best for last. This is seriously my most favorite thing, ever! I’m big on storage bins and some times I can’t find the clear ones, so my label maker has made my life so much easier since I can now indicate what is inside the bin. Heck, even with the clear bins I’ve started labeling them just so I know exactly what is inside if I’m not able to peer in once they are all stacked up.

So there you have my top three organizational essentials. Cheers to functional, cute do-dads. What are your favorite organization items? I could always use more ideas!

Grow on Me…

Now that we’ve made it 18 months, I have a confession to make, I didn’t really like my baby when he was first born. Being a “mom” wasn’t what I expected it to be during the first three months. It wasn’t like what I saw on the IG accounts or on FB at all. I told my hubby that I thought we made a mistake having a child and I did not want more children because everything I thought it would be, wasn’t. It took time for me to like him. Now I look back and think that’s how the best relationships start. They must grow. As the months have passed and now are turning into years, the more my love for him grows. However, I wasn’t and still am not the mom that thinks I was born for this or that #momlifeisthebestlife.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son and he has my heart, but I’m never going to be the mom who thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and that’s okay. Sometimes I feel like people put on that façade so you think they’re so great, and it is; for them, if it’s the truth. I’m not ever going to be on that level with them.

When people say, “I can’t remember what I did before kids,” I think to myself, “I do.” I used to sleep until 10am, brunch with friends, ride my bike around, have dinner and drinks with friends, work out when I wanted to and strolled leisurely through Target and the mall. Now, I need to make special arrangements to do any of those things. And, that’s fine. Eventually I’ll get some me time back, just after I’m done making sure this tiny human doesn’t become a drain on society.

I’ve got to keep watering that relationship I have with my tiny human to make sure it continues to grow. The more days I spend with him, the more my heart grows and that’s the feeling I was looking for.


West > East…

So, you guys in the past six months, like I said, there has been a lot going on. A few major life changes coming our direction, in fact the complete opposite direction. The Horton’s are taking it from the West to East (technically it’s the Midwest, but we are in the Eastern time zone, so I’m calling it East). Yep, that’s right, we are moving. My hubby has accepted a position with his company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Que the gasps! I know, the winter is going to be rough for this Cali girl, but it’s what you do to support your hubby in his career. This opportunity gives him more time with us. He will now be home every night and will no longer have to travel monthly. We are looking at this as an adventure for our little family.

We will miss our family and friends for sure and it will be an adjustment to be so far away, but to have this hubby of mine home every day is going to be a game changer for me and the little man. We are looking forward to making new friends and memories outside of the only place we’ve ever known. And, hey, I get a whole new winter wardrobe, so double cheers to that. More to come on our adventures in Michigan! Until we head out, we are busy getting our move in order, getting together with family and friends as much as we can. Soaking it all in until we jet off at the end of July.

If you’ve stumbled across this post and you’re from the Ann Arbor area, give me some tips!!


Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Hi Guys and Gals, remember me? MilkandMimosas. I know, I’ve been MIA for like six months. I got lost in the shuffle of everyday life, but it’s my mission to keep it going and touch base with ya’ll.

So, what’s been going on since I’ve last posted you ask? Soooo much! Let me catch ya’ll up real quick…

November ended with my little man turning a whopping ONE years old. We spent Thanksgiving and his birthday in AZ with our parents. We had a Cowboys and Indian’s themed birthday party to celebrate. We all wore bandanas and cowboy gear. Turns out he is like his momma and doesn’t care for cake. We gave him ice cream for the first time the day after he turned one and that’s where he’s also like his momma. He loves himself some ice cream and cookies.

We spent the Holidays with both sides of our family, traveling all over Nor Cal to get all our time in with everyone. We saw our parents, grandparents and for AJ his great-grandparents. It makes the driving around worth it for him to spend so much time with everyone. He didn’t quite grasp the present concept last year, so hopefully since he will be just over two, he’ll be so excited to open presents this Christmas. AJ had his first Santa photo experience, and while we got a laugh out of it, he hated seeing the man in the white beard. The hubby and I rang in the New Year with the baby asleep, watching a marathon of Fuller House with Auntie A and Moscow Mules. Yum! If you don’t like Moscow Mules, we probably aren’t friends. Just kidding, a little.

In January, my hubby set off to the Wharton School in Pennsylvania to take the exam for his CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst). Fancy, right? He’s kind of a big deal. He studied for what seemed like two years to get to this point and he did it. What a relief. That was a long trip, but so worth it in the end. As soon as he found out he passed, which also seemed like eternity, we booked a mommy and daddy only trip to Hawaii for April. February and March were uneventful.

The hub’s and I headed to Oahu in April and stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It was my first time away from the little guy for more than 36 hours. I cried on the drive to the airport; big alligator tears. We didn’t realize it was going to be spring break for the littles around the U.S, so it made us miss the little guy that much more because we thought about him every time we saw other kids his age, which was all day long. We kept thinking we were deadbeat parents for not bringing him because other people did it. However, we quickly realized we were on full relaxation mode, while they were not. We enjoyed a snorkel day with the Honu’s (turtles), a hike up to Diamond Head in the early morning and a little tour of the North Shore complete with my favorite activity, SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding). Aside from that, we spent our days at the beach or pool. We ate a ton, had yummie drinks and caught up on some sleep. The weather didn’t cooperate too much while we were there, but I hate to complain about being by the pool in Hawaii.  Next time we venture to the Hawaiian Islands, it’s going to be Maui or Kauai. I always feel like a brat when I say I don’t care for Oahu much. Maybe next time, we’ll even bring the little one, if he can sit still on a plane.

We celebrated Mother’s Day in the Palm Springs area with some amazing friends and all of our babes. Nick and I celebrated three years of marriage. It seems like yesterday we were in Cancun living it up with our family and friends saying I DO. We are planning a trip to Cancun next year and I cannot wait! My little man turned 18 months old (1.5 years old), like WOAH! Where has the time gone? He’s becoming his own little person and it’s been fun having a front row seat watching his development. He’s so chatty and loves to mimic us. We’ve learned to watch ourselves around him because he picks up everything we do. Sometimes we have potty mouths around here, so we’ve had to rein that in. I can’t wait to see all the progress he’s going to make before he turns two!

Here we are and it’s June! We spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe, which is always a nice get-away. We’ve got family coming into town next week as well and our weekends are literally booked solid for the next two months. Like, seriously can I hit the pause button, because in the blink of an eye it’s going to be Christmas before we know it!

Aside from that, we’ve got a few more exciting things planned that I’ll be sharing soon!

It’s been a crazy six months to say the least.

Check out my Instagram feed for photos of the last six months. See you next time.